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Word                    See full course description for Word
A sophisticated word processing program that allows you to produce professional looking documents. Learn  formatting techniques, mail merge, columns, tables, label set up, etc.
Prerequisites: Windows Operating System

Excel                    See full course description for Excel

Excel is an electronic spreadsheet application that organizes numeric data in a worksheet or table format.

Prerequisites: Windows Operating System 

PowerPoint          See full course description for PowerPoint

Learn to create professional presentations in just minutes.

Prerequisites: Basic Computer & Windows 7 

Access                  See full course description for Access
A database program that allows you to to retrieve, manipulate, and update data, create reports, and design forms. Become familiar with terms such as fields, records, tables, querying, and table relationships. 

Prerequisites: Windows Operating System 

Basic Computer Concepts

The beginner will get a brief overview of computer concepts including: what .is the CPU, what is RAM, the desktop, megahertz, the parts of the keyboard, and more.

Prerequisites: None.                                  

Windows Operating System

An operating system that functions as the interface between the user, the application programs and the computer. Learn to rearrange your desktop, manage your files, utilize the task bar, create shortcuts, and much more.

Prerequisites: Basic Computer Concepts   

Internet / Email

​​Surf the 'net' to gain information, to shop, and to manage your money by utilizing the Explorer browser. Learn about the browser, electronic mail, search engines for Google or Bing, spam, security, URLs, hyperlinks, and more.
Prerequisites: Windows Oprerating System                       


An email management program. Learn the meaning of the icons, create and send attachments, flag emails for follow-up contacts, appointments, tasks, and more.

Prerequisites: Windows Operating System

Course Description

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